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Section Report 2018-2019

As one of the fastest-growing new sections of the State Bar, the Legislative and Campaign Law Section continues to build on the success of previous years. Hosted in December, the section’s most recent annual CLE featured a panel discussion by the Texas Legislative Council on the best practices for legislative drafting, an overview of legislative procedure, and an insider’s preview of the 86th Legislature. The section looks forward to continuing this event. The section issued several newsletters throughout the year featuring analyses of recent court decisions involving elections, redistricting, and campaign finance. The Texas Ethics Commission has issued a number of important new rules and opinions recently and the section has worked hard to update members about its important work. The section continues to work with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to create a certification in the areas of legislative and campaign law. The section participated in the State Bar Annual Meeting by providing a half-day CLE that provided a legislative and ethics update as well as a presentation on the state and federal election law. The section ended the year with a meet and greet that allowed section members to network and make connections in the growing practice area.

Ross Peavey